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"I started Reiki to try and overcome anxiety and from the first session Shona completely put me at ease.  I wasn't sure it would work for me however it has made a huge difference to both my work and personal life.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Shona to any friends or family and I still continue to have treatments with her regularly." 


Scott Walker, Penicuik 


"Shona is very good at what she does. No hesitation on my part. And no hesitation on her part: I had met her at a networking event and when we got in touch by email afterwards she had already "read" me, so when I attended my first treatment, she knew exactly what was needed to get done. Shona performed what felt like a mixture of Shiatsu and Reiki with such effectiveness and professionalism I would now very much like to recommend her.

See you soon, Shona!"


Kirsten G Nielsen

Your Danish Designer in Scotland



"Thanks for the brilliant massage the other night Shona. Was a bit skeptical about the reiki, but it has definitely chilled me out considerably, no mean feat with two young kiddies running wild all day! Had the best sleep in ages, and the effects have lasted a few days now. I'll be back for you to work some more magic soon :-) "


Gill Maddy, Edinburgh


"I enjoyed the benefits of the Moroccan Oil and the best deep tissue massage ever from Shona at 8 o'clock last night. I slept like a baby and walking to a meeting this morning feel remarkably , well, balanced physically and holistically which... is a word I don't use often !!! First time for everything ! This was so good I've already booked my next session - we really need to get massage into our lives more in the west !!! "


Stuart Bain

Chief Executive Officer at Design LED Products

Founding Director at Third Circle Business Development


"I had my first Reiki treatment, and I wasn't sure what to expect so I was a little nervous! Shona made me feel at complete ease as she talked me through what I would experience before the session. During my session I felt completely relaxed and could feel the heat and energy coming from Shona which was pretty amazing, like nothing I've experienced before. After the session I was quite sleepy and thirsty but felt truly energised, I slept really well that night and the next. Can't wait till my next one in 2 weeks time!"


D Carr, Director of Danielle Carr Hairdressing, Edinburgh 


"Shona came to visit me in hospital when i was very poorly with Chrons disease – she was very kind and the treatment she gave me was calm and relaxing and I felt really warm all over.  I would definitely have this again.  It was lovely.  Thank you Shona"


Samantha, aged 15


" Prior to receiving a treatment from Shona, I knew very little as to how Reiki could benefit my stomach problems and I had only tried conventional medicines.  I really wanted to try something different - and I was truly amazed at the results! As well as helping greatly with my IBS, I felt fresh and rejuvenated. I would thoroughly recommend Shona to anyone with an open mind to an alternative type of medicine for both the mind and the body !  "

S Kennedy, Edinburgh 


"When I decided to try a taster session I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Shona made me feel comfortable straight away, explaining what was involved, and the environment was peaceful and welcoming. The treatment itself was heavenly; I hadn't felt so relaxed in a long time. I felt a real sense of relief from the demands of life and had a wonderful sleep that night! I have since been back for a full session which I enjoyed even more and can't wait for my next one. I'd recommend this to anyone who's looking for a bit of spiritual wellbeing or just a bit of time out of their busy life."

B Walker, Social Sciences Lecturer, Edinburgh

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